***SHIPPING TIME:*** MOST ORDERS WILL BE RECEIVIED WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS. WE WILL FULFILL (PREMIUM EXPEDITED SHIPPING) YOUR PRODUCT VIA AMAZON MULTI-CHANNEL TO MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE THE FASTEST SHIPPING AND HANDLING SERVICE (48 states only). WE TAKE THIS BUSINESS VERY SERIOUSLY AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOU NEED YOUR PRODUCT A.S.A.P. ------***PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING***------PLEASE READ BEFORE DEVICE USE: Before using your new Duranom solar repellent, it is recommended to charge the device for 8 hours using the charger cable provided. Overcharging the device may lead to defects in the battery. Due to having an IP44 waterproof level, there is no light to indicate the battery is full charged. Placing the device in reach of moving objects, such as cars, may lead the battery to drain faster than normal. The device reached a max distance of 26.4 feet at a 110-degree angle to reach a total of 230 square feet. The waterproof level is IP44, which is enough for light rain. Please don't set the product in low-lying places which easily accumulate water. Fully waterproof solar powered units have not been developed. It is recommended to cover the unit with a clear plastic bag before heavy rain or moving the device. Please remember to recharge the device with provided USB cable when the weather is cloudy for multiple days. 8 hours charging on MODE 0 (off). When the PIR sensor is active, the red light inside looks like it is partially covered because there is an electronic part that is need for night activity purposes. The sensor is normal and does not indicate a damaged product or stain or burn. Please understand that the device is not a magic box. Every situation and animal is different, for example, some animals have different behaviors based on environment. In some cases, the success rate can be as high as 94%. Our Duranom Solar Animal Repeller is a more sustainable repellent as there are no chemicals, pesticides or animal harm. Sincerely - DURANOM Team

  • Keep Unwanted Animals Away

    Duranom Solar Animal Repeller  Features Motion Sensor, HOSTILE flashing LED lights, and Radiant-Blasting ultra-powerful ultrasonic sounds that drive away unwanted Animals

  • Solar Powered, No Battery Required

    CE certified animal repellent ultrasonic outdoor system contains 3x powerful Ni-MH AA 800 rechargeable batteries

  • Human Safe & Environmentally Friendly

    Doesn't Require the use of chemicals or pesticides - Drives Pest Away 100% Naturally

  • Pest Free

    Try this risk-free & discover how efficiently this powerful ADVANCED ultrasonic repellent, even scare snakes away, sending the most aggressive animals fleeing toward safety


Product Advantage

Product Specification

  • Setup in 10 Seconds

    Easy to setup, User Friendly also comes with Setup Manual


DURANOM - Durable Venom Solar Animal Repeller Motion Graphic Video


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"Looks great. Operates exactly as expected. Setup was as easy as pie. Hasn't failed me yet!"

"The Duranom Solar Animal Repeller is a life safer! works like magic"